Sun net

Bioklimatikus pergola, terasz árnyékolás Zip Screeny sun shading system

The enclosed sun net is the perfect shade. Product developed for partial shading of extremely sunny glass surfaces and balconies. A shade that completely filters out the harmful and disturbing sunlight. Shades make excessively sunny rooms enjoyable. It provides a discreet shadow, but does not make the shaded area completely dark.

An excellent choice for demanding shading of business premises or buildings with large glass surfaces!

It prevents disturbingly strong sunlight, wind, and the view from the side of the terrace. Lowerable and retractable system, installed motorized. The outlook is limited.

Case structure: Aluminum case with aluminum case end. up to 85-130 mm
Driving: Rail, zip system
Closing bar: 20 X 40 mm pressed aluminum, with rubber seal
Operation: With radio or switch engine
Color: TPersonally selected in any RAL color

With Soltis 86, 96 or 92 textile, Star screen or transparent PVC film.

Glass wall

Bioklimatikus pergola, terasz árnyékolás Glass wall system


KE sliding glass wall

With lower-upper rail guidance. With silicone sealing between glass panes. With handle integrated in glass. It can be closed from the inside with outer glass parts. With parts that can be opened in both directions. Made of 10 mm ESG tempered glass.

Fix glass wall

10 mm ESG tempered glass installed in an aluminum ‘U’ profile at the bottom and top. All sides are polished. Alignment of glass panes with double-sided, transparent VBH tape.

Terrace heating

Terrace heating systems

In order for the built-in terrace to remain comfortably usable all year round, install an infrared heating device on your terrace. It can also be placed on the wall or directly on the pergolas. Of course, it is also available in a stand version, which allows greater mobility.


Tereaszfűtés rendszerek

Somfy infrared heater with 2000 W power, remote control or switch.

Colors: anthracite, silver or white




Teraszfűtés rendszerek

HEATSCOPE VISION infrared heater with 3200 W power, remote control, black or white.




Teraszfűtés rendszerek

Hi-design with 2000 W power, remote control, in black, anthracite or white.


Have a beautyful terrace!

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